HumaniVR at International Conferences (IPrA18 & ICLC16)

During conference season in 2023, HumaniVR has been an active participant at some of the largest linguistic conferences worldwide.

Karsten Senkbeil was a speaker at the 18th International Conference of the International Pragmatics Association (IPrA) in Brussels (July 2023) in a panel entitled “The pragmatics of body, mind and technology – different approaches to theorizing and analyzing digitally mediated interaction”.

He presented results from our research in a paper called “Blended Origo – Deixis in Virtual Reality”.

Thank you to Dr. Andreas Candefors Stæhr and to Prof. Lian Malai Madsen from the University of Copenhagen for putting together an inspiring panel, mapping out how we can come to terms with language in digital contexts that involve not only our minds, but also our bodies.

Karsten also spoke at the 16th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference (ICLC16) in Düsseldorf (August 2023), again focussing on deixis, and discussing cognitive characteristics of the ‘origo’ (= the pivot of speaker’s orientation in space and time during a speech act, i.e.: the location of “I”, “here”, and “now”) while experiencing VR.

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