Research Retreat at Göttingen: two days of intensive discussions on virtual learning environments.

Our sister project Digital C@mpus Le@rning hosted a research retreat (“Klausurtagung”) at the picturesque FREIgeist resort in Göttingen on December 8-10, 2022, and Nicola and Karsten from HumaniVR joined the inspiring workshops, debates, and discussions with our colleagues from Hildesheim and beyond. Karsten hosted a brainstorming workshop on the question of ‘presence’ in VR and in other digital formats. Nicola and our friends from VIRTUAL le@rning provided insights into the status quo of our language learning environments in the “Hildesheim Tandem Garden 2.0”.

After two days of intensive brainstorming and plans on how to extend, expand, and improve our recent work, it appears safe to say: the future of Social Virtual Reality – both in research and teaching – at the University of Hildesheim looks promising.

Thank you very much to the organizers of this retreat, i.e. Birgit Oelker, Sanne Ziethen, and Jürgen Sander!

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