What pupils say about their VR research – part 2

Here are further original voices from students of Gymnasium Athenaeum describing their own current VR studies.

I am writing my seminar paper about the so-called “Museum of Other Realities”, a museum in Virtual Reality with many art projects by various artists. The special thing is that you can actually ‘enter’ many artworks, some are also interactive. I would like to find out if users understand this as a ‘full-blown museum’, so: if experiencing art can be completely transferred into the digital, virtual world.
Visiting the MOR can be overwhelming at first. You need some time to orient yourself. This is a very special feeling, and a very cool experience. Particularly for people who are not interested in art and in museums, it is an interesting advantage that you can enter the MOR from home, sitting on your bed. You don’t have to actively travel there or something.

– Leon

My topic is called „Language competence under stress”, that means: how does our language use change – particularly when we use the foreign language English – under time pressure? My test subjects, pupils and young grown-ups from Germany, will play a cooperative puzzle game in Virtual Reality, using English.
I myself have felt much more influenced and stressed while playing in VR, compared to games on a screen. You put yourself under more pressure, to actually achieve the goals in the game, and to not ‘die’. I’m asking myself if you can still fully use your language competence in such a realistic situation in VR.”

– Eileen

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