Pupils of “Gymnasium Athenaeum” research VR as a tool for learning

In the school year 2021/22, HumaniVR cooperates with the “Gymnasium Athenaeum” in Stade, Lower Saxony, to examine and develop the potentials of Virtual Reality for teaching and learning in high schools.

In a seminar called “Language, Learning, and Technology”, 12th-graders have the opportunity to experience and test the capabilities of VR hardware and apps to help them and their peers learn about language, culture, history, science, nature, and new forms of art (to name only a few of the possibilities). Now, it will be their task to design and execute small studies and experiments with suitable research questions. They will critically and constructively assess the usefulness of VR as a tool for innovative teaching, and actively participate in the creation of the classroom of the future .

HumaniVR will accompany these experiments, counsel and advise – and hopes to learn a lot from members of the first generation of potential “virtual natives”.

Thank you, “Athe”-pupils, for your active participation and enthusiasm so far. It is lots of fun to work with you! Thanks also to their teacher Mrs. Engbers and the principal Mr. Niestroj for making this possible.

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