Innovating University Education with VR: University of Hildesheim wins bid to extend its range of digital learning tools

Congratulations to the University of Hildesheim for acquiring external funding directed at “Innovating University Education through Digitalization” worth more than 3 million euros!

Starting today, 01 August 2021, the university will have the opportunity to heavily bolster its digital teaching and learning formats and break new grounds in three different strands, subsumed under the title “Digital C@MPUS-le@rning”. One of these strands revolves around the implementation of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality on a larger scale in various subjects, ranging from chemistry labs to teacher training modules (“VIRTUAL le@rning”). The HumaniVR team has been an active participant in making this happen, and will continue to do so: Karsten Senkbeil will coordinate the efforts of the “VIRTUAL le@rning” team, and Nicola Hoppe will be in charge of further developing foreign language teaching programmes in VR.

This success really has been a team effort. So thank you to everyone who has contributed to the “Digital C@MPUS le@rning” bid! Thanks to Vice President Jürgen Sander and Birgit Oelker for believing in the opportunities of Virtual Reality and for having HumaniVR on board. And in particular, thanks to the “VIRTUAL le@rning” team surrounding Anne-Elisabeth Roßa, Markus Herrmann, and Jan Hinrichs.

There is plenty to do – and now there is actually some money and time to do it. HumaniVR is very much looking forward to being part of the “Digital C@MPUS”!

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