HumaniVR @ “Festival of Digital Connections”

From October 5th to 7th 2022, our colleagues from co3learn, a digital education project at universities in Göttingen, Brunswick, and Hanover, had invited us to participate in the “Festival of Digital Connections”, present our current work, and step in contact with students from across Europe to discuss our visions for virtual learning environments.

Nicola and Mathis of HumaniVR were joined by our friends from Digital C@mpus Le@rning (thank you Salla and Olivia!), to provide festival visitors with the opportunity to check out our recent work and to test our VR worlds for language tandems, and interactive collaborative gaming.

Beyond the hands-on approach, Nicola hosted an interactive worskshop “University in new dimensions? Learning and teaching in Social VR” with students of various disciplines, discussing the potentials for VR in different scenarios. Students of mathematics have different necessities than students of history, or of biology. They all agreed, however, that well-built VR activities will be able to augment their learning journey in various forms, and brainstormed ideas for the future in a lively discussion.

Thank you to the organizers of the “Festival of Digital Connections” for putting together an inspiring event with great people!

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