HumaniVR @ Trinity College Dublin

The University of Hildesheim has a long-standing cooperation with Trinity College Dublin: “SpEakWise”, a blended-learning project, in which students from Germany and Ireland develop language skills and intercultural competence together in a joint computer-mediated seminar, already since 2007.

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Now, “SpEakWise” has partnered with HumaniVR, updating its established tandem approach with the newest technology: “SpEakWise VR”.

So on January 25th 2022, the first cohort of “SpEakWise VR”-students met in the virtual environment “Hildesheim Tandem Garden” (which has been developed by Karsten and Mathis), using their foreign language skills (English and German respectively), testing their cooperative problem-solving competencies, and having an overall fun time together in Virtual Reality.

At Trinity College Dublin, Dr Gillian Martin and Dr Breffni O’Rourke deserve thanks for making this happen. Karsten’s trip to Trinity College was a great success thanks to them — and in particular thanks to the students at Trinity and in Hildesheim, who really rose to the occasion and made their collaborative VR ‘adventure’ memorable and exciting.

Screenshot 1 from “SpEakWise VR”: two students from the University of Hildesheim meet two students from Trinity College Dublin in the “Tandem Garden” — and have a virtual coffee together.
Screenshot 2 from “SpEakWise VR”: This player needs to figure out the right combination for the ‘button puzzle’ in front of her. Team Red (in the background, on the other side of the fence) has access to that information and can help her.
Which language will they use though?

In line with HumaniVR’s agenda of developing new methodologies for VR research, for teaching, and learning in VR across languages and cultures, Karsten, Mathis, Nicola and Nora collected large amounts of data and feedback from the students both in Hildesheim and Dublin. It is going to be analyzed very soon – stay tuned for what we’ll find out!

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